Republic Bulgaria is situated in the southern part of East Europe, bordering with Greece and Turkey to the south, Romania to the north, Macedonia and Serbia to the west. The Black Sea is it's eastern border. Bulgaria is a country with fabulous natural beauty and landmarks. It is a relatively small country. Only for a few hours driving you can go from the mountain covered with snow, to the long sandy beaches of the Black Sea. Bulgaria is an ancient country with 1300 years of history and people with aged culture. Located on the important crossroads between Europe and Asia, today's Bulgarian lands were inhabited since ancient times. All peoples who lived in these lands - Thracians, Slavs, Bulgarians - left their signes in the world cultural heritage. There are many historical and architectural landmarks that can be visited.
       Bulgarians have an ancient and beautiful legend about the creation of the world. God divided the earth and gave to all countries a piece of it. Only Bulgarians, who even then did everything peacefully and without haste, arrived when all the earth was given. To not let them return with empty hands, God took a piece of earth from each country and gave it to Bulgaria. Since then this small country with an area of only 110,000 square kilometers is not only rich in all forms of earthly topography and any natural resources but also the most beautiful and most peaceful land under the sun.
      Bulgaria is a small piece of heaven, combining the incredible beauty of azure, warm sea and the majestic peaks of the mountains covered with snow caps. It was generously endowed by nature with exceptional diversity of landscape, continental climate suitable for year-round relax, variety of flora and fauna and many mineral and thermal springs. Beautiful mountains, valleys, forests, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, sea - there's everything you can want. Everyone can fully enjoy the nature at its most beautiful and pleasant appearance. The climate is continental with a purely four seasons. Average summer temperatures rarely exceed 30 degrees and the temperature of the sea warms up during the summer months from 24 to 26 째 C. The combination of stunning scenery and Mediterranean climate have made Bulgaria one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Europe. Our location in Bulgaria, the beautiful and varied scenery, favorable climate, amazing and unique folklore and culture make it a desirable and preferred country to visit, visit, vacation or hiking in all seasons. 5.7 million tourists visit Bulgaria every year.